Friday, January 16, 2015


Mamiffer's West Coast/Southwest US tour starts in a few days - first half is with Russian Circles, second half with Jon Mueller and William Fowler Collins. Looking forward to playing with our friends, going to some spots we've never been (or at least never played), and debuting some new material. Our line up this time is again the core duo of Faith Coloccia and myself. Details and dates are below. Poster image above by Faith Coloccia.

Also - for anyone in the Seattle area - I'll be running a SIGE Records/Hydra Head table at the Destroying Sounds record swap tomorrow (01/17). I'll be bringing new, old, discounted and rare items from both labels, some selections from my personal collection, and a few artifacts generated just for the swap - test pressings with hand drawn covers, etc. Go here for details on time and location.

Thank you.



With Russian Circles: 
01/20/15 Seattle, WA @ Neumos 01/21/15 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom01/23/15 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall01/24/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy 01/25/15 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar 

With Jon Mueller and William Fowler Collins: 
02/02/15 Albuquerque, NM @ Spirit Abuse (with Raven Chacon) *
02/03/15 Tempe, AZ @ 51 West (with GOG) *
02/05/15 Los Angeles CA TBA *
02/06/15 Oakland CA @ Life Changing Ministries *
02/07/15 Chico CA @ Orange St. Art Studios
02/09/15 Portland OR @ High Water Mark (with Daniel Menche)
02/10/15 Anacortes WA  @ The Buisness
02/11/15 Vancouver, BC @ The Rattle

* William Fowler Collins on these dates only


Friday, December 26, 2014


Above: some of the musical highlights of 2014 - Circle "Leviatan", The Austerity Program "Beyond Calculation", Mutoid Man "Helium Head", Dirk Serries "XXI-XXV, Godflesh "A World Lit Only by Fire", Heretic Cult Redeemer - s/t, Dead Congregation "Promulgation of the Fall", Altar of Flies - s/t, Trepaneringsritualen "Perfection & Permanence", Wormlust "Feral Wisdom", Black to Comm - s/t, Bob Mould "Beauty & Ruin", Thantifaxath "Sacred White Noise", Baptists "Bloodmines", Allegory Chapel Ltd "Resurrection", Bolzer "Soma", Kriegsmachine "Enemy of Man", Russell Haswell "Conceptual Noise", Hildur Gudnadottir "Saman", Harassor/Glass Coffin - split, Lana Del Rey "Ultraviolence", Sewer Election "Nära", Ghedalia Tzartes "Hysterie Off Music", Noxagt "Brutage", Carpe Noctem "In Terra Profugus", Mdou Moctar "Afelan", Kevin Drumm "Humid Weather"....

There were a good deal more excellent releases this year, as well as others from years past that I'm just now hearing.  I also greatly enjoyed all the releases we issued through SIGE this past year, though that is probably obvious and therefor none of those are listed above. Relatedly, below are a few of my favorite album sleeves from 2014 - from top to bottom they are (band name followed by album designer/artist): Teitanblood - Timo Ketola, Morton Subotnick - Bob Pepper, Wormlust - Metastazis, Dino Spiluttini, Nils Quak - Daniel Castrejon, Russell Hasswell - Ian Burn/Lasse Marhaug, and Pharaoh Overlord - Eetu Henttonen.

Looking forward to experiencing many more great works of art in 2015!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Above: cover for the forth coming SUMAC album "The Deal". Artwork by Faith Coloccia, design by Turner/Coloccia.

The SUMAC album will be released Feb 17th via Profound Lore (CD/digital), SIGE Records (2xLP/cs) and Daymare Recordings (CD Japan). Pre-order info will be posted as it becomes available. There is a preview song from the album below, and another will follow shortly after the new year. A short video/audio sample from the album is also viewable here.

Also: Mamiffer has a new video/remix collaboration with Daniel Menche. It's based off the track "Enantiodromia" from the recently released "Statu Nascendi" album. And here it is:

Lastly - winter and spring tours/live events are currently in the works for Mamiffer, SUMAC and Old Man Gloom. Please visit their respective internet outlets for updates/further details. Looking forward to it all....

-Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Above: Selected artwork from the Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" LPs and CDs. Artwork by A. Turner, front cover design by Faith Coloccia.

The new Old Man Gloom albums "The Ape of God" are now available for order - North American/European CD version from Profound Lore, Japanese CDs (+ DVD) from Daymare Recordings, and vinyl editions from SIGE Records.

Most of the art for the album was made as large scale ink/plaka paintings on paper, along with some smaller pen and ink drawings. The individual pieces were cut up, collaged and the photographed to create the final images, with some minor computer processing for the layout arrangements. Final print was completed by Stumptown Printers - two spot colors printed on uncoated textured stock, and in the case of the LPs, with additional letterpress printing in select areas on the jackets. Photos of the final print can be view with the Stumptown Flickr page here.


In conjunction with the release of the new Mamiffer album "Statu Nascendi", Tiny Mix Tapes is hosting a guest mix by Mamiffer. It includes tracks from some of our favorite (and in many cases inspirational) artists - Kites, Alice Coltrane, Swans, Dirk Serries, etc. You can view the full article/mix here, and/or listen to the stream below.


Currently enjoying: "Stone Mattress" Margaret Atwood, Swallowed "Lunarterial", Jon Mueller "Physical Changes", Batilus  "Concrete" (Andy Stott remix), Cut Hands "Festival of the Dead",  Noxagt - s/t, Dead Fader "Scorched", etc.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Above: LP jacket artwork by Faith Coloccia for the Mamiffer "Statu Nascendi" LP.

The album, along with some new merch, is available for pre-order today via the SIGE Records webshop. There are now two preview tracks from the album available for listening, both included here. Additionally, there is a video for one of the songs directed by Daniel Menche available for viewing here, and an article about the track "Enantiodromia" via Self-Titlted here.

A cassette version of the album will be available from SIGE in the coming weeks along with a CD version courtesy of Daymare Recordings.

Thank you.

Currently enjoying: Boris "Archive 1",  Baptists - live, Altar of Flies - untitled LP, Karl Bosmann "Eskalation", Heretic Cult Redeemer s/t, Carpe Noctum "In Terra Profugus", Lawrence English "Wilderness of Mirrors", Drastus "Serpent's chalice-matweria prima", etc.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Above: Stills from the new Mamiffer video for "Caelestis Partus", and the Old Man Gloom film "Here is a Gift for You".

The Mamiffer "Caelestis Partus" video was directed by Daniel Menche, and the song is taken from the forthcoming 4 song Mamiffer album "Statu Nascendi".  The video is viewable via Noisey/Vice here.

Kenneth Thomas of Scourge Productions directed the Old Man Gloom documentary which is also viewable via Noisey here. A DVD version of the film, along with full performance footage from Old Man Gloom and extended material from Sad Vicious will be available for select mail orders via Daymare, Profound Lore and SIGE. More details on that closer to release date.

Finally, "Predators",  another song from the new Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" album is available for listening:

Thank you.

Currently enjoying: Inquisition "Ominous Doctrines...", TSPNTH "10 instant compositions", Nightbringer "Emanations", Harold Budd "The Pavilion of Dreams", Circle "Miljard", Greg Kelley and Jason Lescalleet "Conversations", Owwl "Dark PLaces", MGLA "Groza", etc....

Friday, September 12, 2014


Above:  Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" LP cover - drawings by me, design by Faith Coloccia, and Black Spirituals "Of Deconstruction" LP cover, art and design by F. Coloccia.

SIGE is working on a bunch of new releases for the fall, and we now have a couple tracks to share from two of them - Old Man Gloom "The Lash" and Black Spirituals "Radiant". The cassette version of the Black Spirituals album is available now from the SIGE mail-order store, the LP and digital versions coming shortly. The Old Man Gloom LP/cassette will be available in Nov from SIGE, with the CD and digital versions coming courtesy of Profound Lore.

Thank you.

Currently enjoying: Trepaneringsritualen "Perfection + Permanence", James Hollis "The Wounding & Healing of Men", Kerry James Marshall "Painting and Other Stuff",  Diamanda Galas "Saint of the Pit", Gorguts "From Wisdom to Hate", Brunhild Ferrari & Gol "Play Luc Farrari's Exercises d'improrvisation", Blut Aus Nord "What Once Was - Leber II", etc.