Thursday, October 16, 2014


Above: Stills from the new Mamiffer video for "Caelestis Partus", and the Old Man Gloom film "Here is a Gift for You".

The Mamiffer "Caelestis Partus" video was directed by Daniel Menche, and the song is taken from the forthcoming 4 song Mamiffer album "Statu Nascendi".  The video is viewable via Noisey/Vice here.

Kenneth Thomas of Scourge Productions directed the Old Man Gloom documentary which is also viewable via Noisey here. A DVD version of the film, along with full performance footage from Old Man Gloom and extended material from Sad Vicious will be available for select mail orders via Daymare, Profound Lore and SIGE. More details on that closer to release date.

Finally, "Predators",  another song from the new Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" album is available for listening:

Thank you.

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Friday, September 12, 2014


Above:  Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" LP cover - drawings by me, design by Faith Coloccia, and Black Spirituals "Of Deconstruction" LP cover, art and design by F. Coloccia.

SIGE is working on a bunch of new releases for the fall, and we now have a couple tracks to share from two of them - Old Man Gloom "The Lash" and Black Spirituals "Radiant". The cassette version of the Black Spirituals album is available now from the SIGE mail-order store, the LP and digital versions coming shortly. The Old Man Gloom LP/cassette will be available in Nov from SIGE, with the CD and digital versions coming courtesy of Profound Lore.

Thank you.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Sumac is a new band, the core membership consisting of myself and Nick Yacyshyn (also of Baptists). We have completed our first record "The Deal" which will be released via Profound Lore (CD), and SIGE Records (LP) in Feb 2015. Bass on the album was done by Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch, etc), who will hopefully join us as an auxiliary/intermittent member for live performances when possible. We are pursuing this as a fully functional band rather than side project, with plans to play live in the coming year and continue with further writing/recording thereafter.

The album was recorded by Mell Dettmer at Litho and Aleph in Settle, with additional recording done at home. It was mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City, Salem, MA. Artwork is underway, a collaborative process between Faith Coloccia and myself - previews of that and audio clips to come in the next month or so.

Track titles are as follows:

1. Spectral Gold  (03:26)
2. Thorn in the Lion's Paw  (09:04)
3. Hollow King  (12:26)
4. Blight's End Angel  (10:19)
5. The Deal (13:34)
6. Radiance of Being  (05:25)

Thursday, August 28, 2014



Mamiffer will be playing two shows this weekend, starting tonight in Seattle. Both will be with Black Spirituals and Jessika Kenney (with Eyvind Kang). Info is as follows:

08/28  -  The Chapel, Seattle WA
08/30 -  Disjecta Gallery, Portland OR

Mamiffer will be performing as the core duo of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. Additionally, Daniel Menche will be performing live visuals in conjunction with Mamiffer's Portland performance.

Both are early shows, so show up.... early!

Thank you.

Photo: Meg Webster 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Above: 7" covers for Neurosis/Soilent Green and Helms Alee.

Hydra Head has just made 2 special edition versions of the above mentioned 7"s available via the RTK webshop. Details as follows:

"We have initiated a new vinyl series at HHR. Utilizing leftover vinyl from previous pressings we have created small run editions of out of print releases. Each release will is packaged in letterpress printed HHR vinyl jackets, hand numbered, and customized with hand stamped text and new artwork by Aaron Turner."

Thank you.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Above: Mamiffer "Statu Nascendi" album cover, Daniel Menche/William Fowler Collins - split cassette, Death Blues "Non-fiction" LP, Old Man Gloom in Switzerland.

Mamiffer will have a new 4 song LP/CD/CS titled "Statu Nascendi" out in Nov. SIGE Records will issue the vinyl and CS and Daymare will release the CD edition. Artwork is being done by Faith Coloccia, the album was recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn. Mamiffer is also in the midst of working on a full length album to be released in the spring of 2015. Live dates are happening later this month in Seattle (8/28) and Portland (8/30), with Black Spirtuals and Jessika Kenney with Eyvind Kang.

SIGE Records has a handful of new releases now available: Death Blues "Non-fiction" LP and the long delayed cassette versions of the recent Daniel Menche/William Fowler Collins split and Mesa Ritual full length. All are currently available from the the SIGE direct mail-order and/or webshop. Up next are new full length LPs from Black Spirituals and Ides of Gemini. You can check out sounds from some of the recent releases here.

Old Man Gloom have a new album coming out on Nov 11th called "Ape of God". Profound Lore will issue the CD, SIGE Records will release the vinyl, and Daymare will release the album in Japan. Additionally, there is an Old Man Gloom "Here is a Gift for You" directed by Kenneth Thomas that will be circulating later this fall. You can view a trailer for that here.

Thank you... more updates soon... really.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There is a new SIGE Records feature up over at Impose Magazine. You can read/view/hear it here. It includes SIGE artist tracks and videos, photos, and some background info/philosophy on the label.

Relatedly: new SIGE titles are just out or on the way. The Daniel Menche/William Fowler Collins  and Mesa Ritual LPs are available in the SIGE webshop and digital store. Cassette versions of both are just about done as well. Jon Mueller's Death Blues "Non-ficiton" LP is in and will start shipping shortly. Digital of that will be available next week.

And: two new-ish Mamifer tracks are now available digitally on the SIGE bandcamp page - you can check those out here. Both are from the recent cassette split with House of Low Culture.

Thank you.

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